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Tools for Competition

Clarity -- a simple point of focus
Shared Vision & Values
How can you get all members of an organization or community on the same page?

When a large international energy conglomerate grew tired of its worldwide senior managers deferring extensively to the CEO and senior executive team for direction and decisions, they needed our direct processes to fully engage their top 130 managers. ReWerx provided the tools and facilitation that involved the entire group in rescoping, defining a common "true north" of key strategic issues and accepting the ownership of emerging strategies and the responsibility for their implementation. This strategy formation, achievement of whole group consensus and initial action planning was completed in two consecutive 3-hour sessions. Their reward came through clarity, consensus and immediate momentum.  This work set the focus for the organization's strategic and operating plans.

In another situation, a regulated agency providing  $4.2 billion in products/services through over 1,000 distributors of  had experienced 25 years of friction and conflict. ReWerx was engaged to facilitate an improved relationship amongst the 3 primary parties engaged in this enterprise.   After a short set of facilitated sessions, and with our guidance,  the parties came into alignment on core principles and signed a 5-year accord.  Relationships improved, products to the customer were enhanced and a groundbreaking P3 model developed.  Recently we helped these parties renew their accord for a further 5-year term.

Recently a 2010 Winter Olympic Games Bid used our inclusive stakeholder consultation processes and research capability to build community inputs into the assessment of impacts and potential for benefit.  The result was a comprehensive set of recommendations that have laid the foundation for a sustainable hallmark events that protect and enhance social structures. 

We  led the initial planning for the UN's World Urban Forum  III  utilizing highly efficient "backcasting" and consensus building processes to generate a common plan and focus amongst disparate stakeholders.  50 senior delegates from all levels of government, NGO's and other stakeholders met for the first time and developed the core elements of the plan in a single day.  These same processes of strategy formation, planning and implementation have also been used with financial services, high tech, healthcare, government and non-profit organizations to reach common ground,  expedite forward progress and achieve significant outcomes.

Consensus & Focus
Goal Clarity & Focus
How do you break the cycle of underachievement relative to strategies, goals and intentions?

Too frequently organizations develop impressive strategies, plans and targets which fail to materialize. Development of clear consensus on both goal priority and implementation generates profound progress and allows an organization to wisely utilize scarce resources and achieve impressive results. Consider a manufacturer in the high tech sector that saw rapid development of its global competition. With ReWerx's guidance and tools, the whole organization engaged in formulating initiatives that dramatically turned its competitive position around. Lead times were cut in half; inventories and work in progress were reduced by 30%. These outcomes were complemented by the entire employee group defining job roles, competency requirements and development solutions that will keep them developing their human assets at a world class pace. 

Ask us about similar achievements that we have enabled for other profit and not-for-profit sector clients -- including establishing world leadership in the development of healthcare outcomes.

Imitating nature at its best
Effective Design: organization, processes
How can you create a real breakthrough in organization effectiveness?

A major systems consulting and IT delivery organization needed to reposition itself. ReWerx provided the counsel and assessment tools to help its leadership team turn the organization on its side to move from a functional structure to a customer driven business unit structure. Revenues climbed as did customer satisfaction levels.

Similarly, we worked with a major Pacific Northwest power utility to redefine their organization structure and re-deploy the senior organization members to" best fit" roles within the new structure. 

Our survey technologies and process improvement expertise allow for effective assessment of issues to improve organization function.

Measurement from the stars to within inches
Targets & Balanced Measures
How can you predict the success of your organization against competitors?

A major North American university needed to address its competitive position within a global context.  Its services, administration and infrastructure had been isolated and protected from the benefits of competitor analysis and benchmarking. ReWerx  assisted this university to focus on key determinants of organization success. This organization has already achieved greater success through developing advanced "balanced scorecard" measures which include customer satisfaction data, invaluable employee survey feedback and indications of the organization's standing in regard to process effectiveness and innovation. ReWerx has been able to deliver valuable leadership, tools and guidance for engaging employees in the challenge of being a world class competitor within their global sector.

You can't control what you can't measure -  world class organizations need to be on the pulse of customer and employee satisfaction metrics. Talk to us about our "world class" balanced scorecard software that gives instant intranet/internet access to critical performance measure tracking. Let us show you the ease of web-based survey tools that generate the impetus for improvement.

Competence -- comfortably on the edge
Mastery & Competence
What do you think will really separate you and your organization from others in the next decade?

An international integrated forest products company found its competitive position waning in a rapidly changing environment. Like many organizations it had spent the last decade making capital investments and embracing technology. There became a realization that the key to their future growth and survival lay in the strategy of investing in people. ReWerx was retained for its expertise in developing valid competency based systems to guide in the development of human assets. Our access to validated "Best Practices" data assists leaders and managers improve their impact on improving organization performance.

Major players within sectors such as research and technology, manufacturing and telecommunications have sought this same expertise as they have tackled challenges of recruitment, retention and succession planning. ReWerx helps them develop a key differential that separates them from others -- sustainable capability and competence.

Find a peaceful reward here?
Recognition & Reward Structures
You get what you reward - and if your practices are not well defined, what are you really receiving from your human assets?

A major North American producer of food products reached a point in its competitive evolution where it realized it needed to change its pay and incentives structures. ReWerx provided simple, direct tools and methods that allowed all employees to define criteria for pay and incentives. The outcome significantly changed the organization culture away from one of "entitlements" to one that focused on and rewarded employee contribution  to improved results and commitment. Similar results have been achieved in the software/high technology/logistics sectors.

ReWerx has a capability to help both unionized and non-union organizations develop effective, fair and motivating recognition and reward structures. We also specialize in strategic executive compensation design and work with compensation committees to build responsible and effective incentive pay.


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