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Survey Solutions


Strategy needs solid foundations that are fact based, valid and representative.

ReWerx has an extensive background in delivering survey-based tools to assist in organizational assessment and strategy development.  We offer highly effective web and e-mail based survey applications. 

  • Our leading technology and  methodologies provide immediate solutions that allow web-access to both results and interpretation.
  • We develop high quality and cost effective solutions to support your organization's strategic improvement.  
  • Our extensive experience and comprehensive library of survey themes and questions, allow clients to cost-effectively access immediate input to their strategy and decision-making.
  • We custom-design  surveys that measure stakeholder perceptions for a wide variety of topics, including:
  • employee satisfaction/engagement
  • customer satisfaction
  • board governance performance
  • strategy effectiveness
  • competitive business environment
  • corporate culture assessment
  • post acquisition integration 

Immediate diagnostic detail down to specific detail (such as this sample) can be viewed by authorized convenors on-line, in real time.

Detailed reports simplify interpretation and action:


Most important, survey solutions are expertly customized to your issues, organization and strategies -- this means you have access to the most fully featured, cost-effective survey resource without having to sacrifice options or analysis.

For more information, contact us at 1-877-264-0010


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