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Creating a Sustainable Future

Mastering the Triple Bottom-line

One of the greatest challenges faced by our planet and its populations is that of finding sustainable equilibrium.  Very few larger organizations, OR their employees, understand how to make positive contributions to improving the triple-bottom-line Ė delivering improved environmental and social outcomes while maintaining sound economic results.  Neither organizations nor their leadership have been effectively prepared for this significant challenge.  Only with better tools and methods to move toward sustainable practices will we stem the erosion of the environmental, social and economic fabric of our planet and protect the quality of life for future generations.

Our Creating a Sustainable Future process is one of the most powerful change management and business performance improvement methodologies available.  It helps organizations and their employees to create major breakthroughs in contributing to sustainable practices.  It delivers bottom-line financial results while reducing environmental footprint and improving corporate social contributions.  With its balanced approach, it generates real financial savings in areas as fundamental as waste reduction that, in turn, recoup the investment required to implement improvements in advanced areas such as reducing carbon intensity/greenhouse gases, assuring use of renewable resources, closing the loop on material flows and redesigning the business and its processes.

To set these improvements in motion, ReWerx fully engages leaders, managers and employees in two short, high-energy sessions in a process that brings focus to their organizationís practices and future.

The first session generates a keen awareness of trends, threats and risks that underscore the need to act.  Initial definition of the organization, and its role in the future in regard to sustainability practices, is developed.  At the same time, participants integrate what they have learned to make a positive contribution in other settings such as their community or home.

The second session delivers the methodology, tools and the discipline to implement several high return on investment initiatives that fundamentally reduce the organizationís environmental impact and increase its social contribution.

During these steps of Creating a Sustainable Future, a remarkable change takes place by engaging participantsí hearts and minds.  Most organization improvement initiatives are one-dimensional (benefit the company) or at best two-dimensional (benefiting the organization and an individual employee).  As a result, employees are at best partially engaged.  Prior to each session, participants are asked to complete a short set of worksheets, creating a context where they are engaged in the topic area as they arrive.

Creating a Sustainable Future builds such a high awareness of the need for change that employees willingly become fully engaged.  Communities and humankind benefit from actions and changed practices/behaviours.  Few other change management processes come close to this outcome.

Creating a Sustainable Future creates positive pay back for the organization, the community, the employee and their family.  A sustainable organization cannot afford to neglect the triple bottom-line.

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