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A Matter of Opinion								pre-settlement

For over 15-years our principal Bruce Gillespie has been providing expert opinion to legal counsel, courts and tribunals with regard to Canadian wrongful dismissal cases.  He has been qualified as an expert witness by both courts and tribunals.

Individuals and organizations are best served by early, fair settlements of wrongful dismissal cases.  This is equally the case for an organization wanting to move ahead, and to an individual needing to focus their attention on a successful transition away from their previous employer.  Both parties gain by being able to objectively understand the factors that will impact their potential severance award.  ReWerx provides this research-based objectivity.

Recent awards in wrongful dismissal cases are showing greater standardization of settlements in regard to factoring in issues of age, and length of service.  However, issues around the ease or difficulty of mitigation faced by an individual become significant determinants in settlement and provide a greater challenge to parties needing to reach settlement.  To overcome the subjectivity of assessing these situations, accurate data is required on numerous factors including:

bullet differences between national & regional markets 
bulletdemographic changes in workforce structure
bullet cyclical variations & seasonal adjustments in the availability of work
bullet the impact of job search efforts & methodology
bullet dynamic supply & demand relationships in local labour markets
bullet assessment of individual differences, gender & age
bulleteconomic & business climate trends
bullet availability of similar work or opportunity

Our reports cover:

  1. Labour market trend analysis

  2. Sub-market characteristics

  3. Data mining of job availability

  4. Assessment of job search and mitigation methods

  5. Opinion on length of period to find employment

Our opinions are based on current data & qualified assessment

Sample Components


Our expert opinion is current and research based.  With broad exposure to international research and practices, and an active practice in demographics and strategic workforce planning, we have gained recognition for: our understanding of labour markets,  our benchmarking of job search technique effectiveness, our knowledge base relating to individual job searchers, and our surveys of severance practices. 

Having assisted individuals in career transition for over 23 years, Bruce Gillespie now provides guidance, research and support to organizations on matters of management practices and human resource issues.  He is consulted by leading Canadian law firms for opinions pertaining to job market characteristics, severance offers, mitigation activities, human rights matters,  and  job search effectiveness within Canada.

ReWerx provides expert opinion to assist legal firms and their clients -- either defendant or plaintiff -- reach earlier, more cost effective settlements.  Settlements have been reached pre-trial in more than 9 out of 10 cases for which we have provided an opinion.

For further information please contact Bruce Gillespie

604.264.0010 Vancouver

250-294-0719 Victoria

e-mail bg@rewerx.com  



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